Artista conceitual do Marvel Studios compartilha projeto não oficial de "Shang-Chi", de Simu Liu

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Um artista conceitual do Marvel Studios compartilhou sua versão pessoal sobre Shang-Chi, de Simu Liu, para o próximo filme.

No Instagram, Charlie Wen, do Marvel Studios, decidiu compartilhar uma incrível peça de arte conceitual não oficial que imagina Shang-Chi de Simu Liu com um toque de Bruce LeeVocê pode ver a arte conceitual mais próxima de um design oficial que você pode obter abaixo.

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💥Shang-Chi Hey guys, Marvel’s intro of an Asian superhero couldn’t come at a better time (although postponed due to COVID). * Shang-Chi’s obviously inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee. Even his comicbook outfit is heavily influenced by Bruce Lee’s yellow bodysuit from #gameofdeath . * Bruce’s contribution to the martial arts world and his inspiration to generations of greats in the sport of fighting is unparalleled. But an even greater gift from his life was that he refused to let the establishment prevent him from teaching “westerners”. He taught anyone that wanted to learn. He wanted to share with them the beauty of his culture. And he did just that. His showed #greatness by sharing his culture to the world. * Where are we today? * I pray that we all strive to be better. If the president wants to “make America great again”, that needs start from within. Trying to bring jobs back into the US is necessary, but trying to get there by “inspiring” hatred toward groups of people based on ethnicity is “not great”. In fact, it’s quite opposite. * *this design is not created for Marvel Studios * * * #shangchi #marvelstudios #marvel #imcharliewen #brucelee #great #asiansuperhero #mcu

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Atualmente, Shang-Chi e a Lenda dos Dez Anéis está programado para estrear nos cinemas em 7 de maio de 2021. 

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